Our Directors

Leadership that provides alignment between the Group’s businesses’ and ensures strategic initiatives to deliver sustained profitable growth.

Our Directors

Bromic’s directors bring together a diverse and cohesive set of skills that drive and help guide the group’s strategy, operations and marketing. 

Chairman / Executive Director

Mark Michalowsky

Mark has been integral to the founding and growth of Bromic’s global business, managing the Bromic Group since 1983 and leading its transformation – from a national equipment supplier to a multinational engineering, design and technology company. 

His drive to find innovative solutions – to operate with the ethos of a small company, where individuals have the power and potential to effect change – is central to Bromic’s commitment to customers: “Here to solve”.  

Mark’s passion for innovation has guided strategy across product engineering and design, customer service offerings, and the establishment of Bromic’s integrated network of global manufacturing and distribution partnerships. 

A qualified Chartered Accountant (CA), with extensive experience in corporate and financial development, Mark has been responsible for establishing the structure of Bromic’s operating businesses. As Chairman of the Bromic Group, he continues to oversee the strategic direction and international expansion of the business. 

CEO / Managing Director

Scott Smith

Scott is responsible for the Group’s engineering and day-to-day operations – delivering the solutions our customers rely on, with the quality and service levels they expect of Bromic. 

He is also responsible for instilling and cultivating a culture of innovation across the Group – in the products, services and partnerships we bring to market – constantly striving to make a positive difference to the lives of our customers, to their communities and their environment. 

Scott has over 25 years’ experience across multiple disciplines including engineering, production, operations and sales. With an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Management (MBA), he is instrumental in ensuring that the Bromic Group is at the forefront of engineering, product and business development. 


Michael Glezerson

Michael, a member of the Board and director since 2004, is closely involved in the growth of Bromic’s Crystella business – helping to bring innovative, instantaneous water solutions to more of our customers. 

With his marketing background and experience in the technology sector, Michael is also involved in exploring new business opportunities for the Group.