Back to School Challenge – Supporting The Kids Cancer Project

Every year in Australia, 950 kids are diagnosed with childhood cancer. Each week, three kids lose their battle with this devastating disease, and even those who survive face the daunting prospect of chronic health issues. In the face of such a heart-wrenching reality, Bromic proudly stands alongside The Kids Cancer Project, committed to making a difference.

On September 27th, four teams made up of Bromic Staff, gathered at the Bromic Head Office for an inspiring Back-to-School Challenge. This event was the culmination of months of dedicated fundraising efforts, all aimed at supporting The Kids Cancer Project’s noble cause.

The Kids Cancer Project and Its Founder:

At the heart of our mission is the passionate commitment to The Kids Cancer Project. We are honored to partner with this remarkable organisation, led by the visionary founder, Col Reynolds, and his dedicated team. Together, we share a common goal: to give children facing cancer a chance at a brighter, healthier future.

A Day of Nostalgia and Fun:

The day was filled with the joyous spirit of going back to school. Participants donned their school colors, indulged in classic schoolyard games, and reveled in the nostalgia of childhood with jumping castles and ice cream vans. Laughter and merriment were the order of the day, all in the name of an exceptional cause.

A Remarkable Achievement:

The true highlight of the event was the remarkable fundraising effort. Thanks to the unwavering support of our dedicated staff, loyal suppliers, cherished customers, and the invaluable help of friends and families, we achieved something truly extraordinary. Together, we raised over $30,000 in support of Professor Matt Dunn’s groundbreaking research into childhood brain cancer.

Community Spirit:

The day also featured some entertaining moments, including the humorous “pie in the face” for some of our managers and a heartwarming appearance by the beloved mascot, Oscar the bear. These moments served as a reminder of the collective strength of our community.

A Look to the Future:

Supporting The Kids Cancer Project is a cause we eagerly anticipate each year, and we are already filled with excitement as we begin planning for 2024. The impact we can make as a community is immeasurable, and we look forward to making an even greater difference in the lives of children facing cancer.

Explore the Highlights:

Relive the magical moments and memorable highlights of the day by watching a video of the day below. We invite you to celebrate the spirit of giving, the joy of childhood, and the hope for a better future with us.

Bromic’s Back-to-School Fundraiser is more than just an event; it’s a testament to the power of collective action, the resilience of childhood, and the unwavering commitment to a worthy cause. Together, we are making a difference in the fight against childhood cancer. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to an even more extraordinary 2024.


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