Celebrating 12 Years of Innovation and Connection at HD Expo

For over a decade, Bromic Heating has proudly been a cornerstone of the HD Expo, an esteemed gathering renowned as the premier trade show for hospitality design. As we reflect on our journey, it’s clear that this event holds a special place in our hearts—it’s not just a showcase of products, but a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and connection.

Year after year, the HD Expo has provided us with a platform to engage with the industry’s brightest minds, top designers, and developers from around the world. This year was no exception, as our dedicated team, comprised of Karl Tschauner, Andrew Marquez, and Blake Petty, represented Bromic Heating with enthusiasm and pride.

Blake Petty, reflecting on the experience, remarked, “the show has been fantastic, offering us a chance to connect with our customers.” Indeed, beyond the exchange of business, the expo serves as a fertile ground for building lasting relationships and fostering unforgettable experiences.

For Andrew Marquez, who experienced his first trade show with Bromic Heating, the journey was nothing short of exhilarating. “It’s been really enjoyable, a great experience,” he shared, encapsulating the sense of excitement and discovery that permeates the expo.

As we raise a toast to 12 years of participation in the HD Expo, we’re reminded of the profound impact this event has had on our company and the industry as a whole. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared passion for hospitality design.

Here’s to celebrating 12 years of connections, creativity, and endless possibilities!

See the team at the show here: