Introducing the Bromic GM1100 Series: Refrigeration Excellence

New GM1100 series from Bromic Refrigeration

Bromic Refrigeration proudly announces the launch of its new upright series, the GM1100 range. With customisable features and a striking display, these upright refrigerators elevate any space while focusing on providing an outstanding energy efficient solution with an 8-star GEMS rating. Bromic Refrigeration is committed to providing greener solutions while upholding high quality engineering and manufacturing standards.

The range offers reliability and convenience in a stylish black casing and is suited ideally to self-service retail applications.

Key Features of the GM1100 Range:

  • Suitable for Perishables: The fridge is suitable for storage of perishable drinks and food, with 3M1 climate class.
  • Excellent Product Presentation: High-impact LED internal lighting on each side ensures that your products are perfectly illuminated, making them look their best and enticing customers to make a purchase.
  • Customisable Display: With 5 adjustable shelves, you can easily customise the layout to accommodate drinks or items of different sizes and shapes.
  • Reduced Condensation: The double-glazed glass self-closing doors reduce heat keeping condensation at bay and ensuring your products are clearly visible.
  • Even Cool Air Distribution: Powered by a powerful fan-forced refrigeration technology, the fridge ensures even distribution of cool air, keeping your products uniformly chilled.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Reduce your energy consumption and operating costs, while also minimising your environmental impact thanks to natural refrigerant.
  • Easy to Move and Place: Thanks to castors, you can easily move and position the fridge wherever it best suits your floor layout.

Additional Information:

For a detailed overview of the GM1100 range, please visit the Bromic Refrigeration website.