Enhancing Rooftop Designs with Cutting-Edge Outdoor Heating Solutions

Bromic Heating rooftop designs

Bromic Heating proudly announces its instrumental role in transforming Hive and Honey, a luxurious rooftop bar soaring 16 stories above the Orange County skyline. Collaborating closely with the property developer, Bromic’s Eclipse Portable and Tungsten Electric heaters have redefined the Hive and Honey experience, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Situated atop an Irvine hotel, Hive and Honey was designed to be a central hub for community gatherings, boasting unobstructed views from the 405’s expanse to Saddleback Mountain. Blake Petty, Bromic’s specifications leader, highlighted the long-standing trust the property developer and hotel chain placed in Bromic’s expertise.

The rooftop’s architectural decisions, including external columns and support beams, create an open and airy space with a high ceiling. To address the challenge of maintaining warmth throughout the day and evening, Bromic recommended a combination of Eclipse Portable and Tungsten Electric heaters.

The Eclipse Portable heaters, controlled by the Eclipse Dimmer Remote, offer directional warmth over lounge areas and tables, providing flexibility for repositioning during specific needs, such as window washing. Meanwhile, Tungsten Electric heaters, resistant to wind effects, were hardwired to On/Off switches, seamlessly integrating with the white-ceiled aesthetic.

This successful project exemplifies Bromic’s commitment to holistic solutions, from complimentary Design Services to a detailed heat plan, resulting in a tailored heating solution that enhances Hive and Honey’s overall experience. Explore the case study here for an in-depth look at how Bromic’s innovations have set new standards for elevated dining and hospitality in Irvine.