Crystella Sparkles at Joh Bailey Hair Salon in Double Bay

Sydney, Australia – In an exciting new partnership, Joh Bailey Hair Salon in Double Bay is now proudly offering Crystella, pure still & sparkling water, to their esteemed clientele. This collaboration marks a significant step for both brands as they strive to enhance the luxurious salon experience with a touch of refined refreshment.

Crystella, renowned for its refreshing taste, sustainable position, and elegant presentation, aligns perfectly with the sophisticated and stylish atmosphere of Joh Bailey, a salon famed for its high-end beauty services and celebrity clientele.

The introduction of Crystella at Joh Bailey Hair Salon underscores a shared commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences. It’s not just about hair and beauty—it’s about creating a complete experience that pampers and refreshes the spirit.

Clients can now enjoy a glass of chilled Crystella water while undergoing their beauty transformations, making their visit even more enjoyable and memorable. This partnership promises to elevate the client experience, setting a new standard for luxury in the beauty industry.

Crystella at Joh Bailey