Crystella’s Fiorella Benchtop System is Transforming Workplaces!

Crystella has unveiled its newest system for the workplace, the Fiorella Benchtop Water System, marking a significant stride in sustainable, efficient, and healthy workplace environments. This innovative system, designed and manufactured in Italy, combines sleek aesthetics with functionality, offering high-quality sparkling and chilled water. It’s a testament to Crystella’s commitment to hassle-free hydration solutions tailored for modern workplaces.

The Fiorella system showcases four different water dispensing options: chilled still, slightly sparkling, sparkling, and room temperature water, all available at the simple touch of a button. Its compact, energy-efficient design not only saves on energy consumption by up to 75% but also seamlessly integrates into any office or wellness setting, reflecting a blend of luxury and practicality. This system is not just about providing water; it’s about enhancing workplace well-being, boosting productivity, and committing to environmental sustainability​.

Crystella’s offerings extend beyond the office environment into health and beauty spaces, where their systems serve as a luxurious, eco-conscious hydration solution. Ideal for fitness centres, spas, salons, and wellness centres, the Fiorella system supports these establishments in eliminating the expense and environmental burden of bottled water. It aligns with the values of health and beauty enthusiasts by offering an elegant and efficient way to provide guests with premium water at a fraction of the cost, emphasising the trend towards sustainability and superior client experiences​.

Furthermore, Crystella’s commitment to sustainability is evident through their revolutionary ReCylinder program, an Australian first for recycling CO2 cylinders used in sparkling water systems. This initiative underscores the company’s dedication to reducing environmental waste and promoting a circular economy. By adopting Crystella’s systems, businesses can play a significant role in diminishing their carbon footprint and supporting a sustainable future​.

Crystella’s systems represent a forward-thinking approach to workplace wellness, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction. They offer a tangible solution for businesses looking to enhance their sustainability practices while providing high-quality, convenient hydration options for employees and clients alike.