Connecting and Inspiring: Bromic Refrigeration at Reward Hospitality 2023 Trade Show

Bromic Refrigeration had the exciting opportunity to participate in the highly anticipated Reward Hospitality 2023 Trade Show at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre. Reward Hospitality is the largest supplier to the hospitality and care industries in the Asia Pacific region, with 26 locations across Australia.

This event was a fantastic platform for Bromic Refrigeration to connect with over 200 delegates from various branches and present our upcoming products.

One of the highlights of Bromic Refrigeration’s presence at the trade show was the introduction of their Semi Vertical Display fridges, designed specifically for retail settings. In addition, Bromic Refrigeration showcased their new premium Upright Display fridges, which combine impressive technical features with visually appealing design.

Bromic Refrigeration also showcased new accessories for their Food Displays range, including wired shelves and warm LED lighting, and innovative tube grill accessory for their Pizza Prep range. With removable trays, it streamlines food preparation and simplifies cleaning in high-volume environments like quick-service restaurants.

Participating in the Reward Hospitality 2023 Trade Show was a resounding success for Bromic Refrigeration. It allowed them to engage with industry professionals, exhibit their innovative refrigeration solutions, and reinforce their position as a leading provider in the market. With the upcoming product launches, Bromic Refrigeration is excited about the future and the value they will deliver to their customers.


Bromic refrigeration at a tradeshow