Pioneering Sustainability: Miscreants Cafe’s Journey with Crystella

Nestled in the heart of the Alexandria NSW, Miscreants Cafe has become a local favourite not only for its unique culinary offerings but also for its commitment to sustainability. The cafe, known for its eco-friendly practices, has taken a significant step forward with the help of Crystella’s innovative on-tap water systems.

Despite its eco-conscious setup, including wooden forks and bamboo trays, Miscreants Cafe faced a persistent challenge with plastic waste due to the continued use of single-use plastic bottles. As the cafe sought to eliminate all plastic waste from its operations, they needed a sustainable and practical solution.

By installing a Crystella Primavera Underbench Split System, Miscreants Cafe replaced single-use plastic bottles with Crystella’s refillable glass bottles for both still and sparkling water. Positioned conveniently behind the bar, the on-tap system allowed for effortless access and service.

The switch to Crystella transformed the cafe’s approach to serving water:

  • Elimination of Plastic Waste: The cafe completely eradicated single-use plastic bottles from their daily operations, aligning fully with their sustainability goals.
  • Operational Efficiency: The Crystella system streamlined beverage service processes, eliminating the need to receive, store, and refill bottled water. Now, the staff can provide water on demand directly from the tap, saving time and reducing labour.
  • Customer Appreciation: Patrons of Miscreants Cafe have warmly received the new setup. The availability of fresh, cold still or sparkling water directly from the tap not only enhances the customer experience but also reinforces the cafe’s commitment to environmental responsibility. This has strengthened the cafe’s brand identity as a leader in sustainability.

“At Miscreants, we always aimed to reduce single-use plastics, and with Crystella’s help, we’ve achieved a significant milestone. Our journey towards complete sustainability has been positively received by our customers. They appreciate our efforts in maintaining a plastic-free environment and enjoy the convenience and quality of the water we now serve.” Audrey Geusselin, Owner of Miscreants Cafe

Miscreants Cafe’s collaboration with Crystella is a testament to what can be achieved when businesses commit to sustainability and partner with the right solutions provider. Crystella’s on-tap sparkling water systems not only support environmental goals but also offer operational benefits, proving that business practices can be both eco-friendly and customer-centric. Join the growing number of businesses making a difference with Crystella.

Crystella pioneering sustainability